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E-Passport Under 18 years

The following documents are required while applying for new E-Passport for Bangladeshi citizens under 18 years:

1. Printed copy of duly filled in application form with barcode (Apply online on https://www.epassport.gov.bd/ link),

2. Appointment slip generated after online application with barcode (Use adobe acrobat reader),

3. 17-digit Online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) with one photocopy,

4. Original Machine-Readable Passport (MRP), if any, with one photocopy,

5. 02(two) recent passport-size photos in white background (35*45 mm),

6. One photocopy of National Identity (NID) Card of Father/Mother,

7. In case of adoption/guardianship, photocopy of the order of adoption/guardianship issued by Security Services Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh,

8. If the applicants age is less than Six (06) years, 02(two) recent 3R-size photos in Gray background lab printed,

9. For students, original copy of the students Identity Card issued by the Educational Institution with one Photocopy,

10. Valid Visa/Work Permit as a proof of legitimately staying in India,

11. Dual Nationality Certificate if the applicant is a dual citizen,

12. Fees: For passport fees please visit the Passport Fees page.