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Tableague-Jamaat (TI) Visa

The following documents are required while applying for Tableague-Jamaat (TI) Visa:

1. Printed copy of duly filled in application form (Apply online on https://www.visa.gov.bd/ link),

2. Original passport with one photocopy valid for minimum 06 months and minimum two blank pages for visa stamping

3. Old Passport(s) (if any)

4. 02(two) recent passport-size photos in white background (35*45 mm)

5. Cover letter from applicant stating his/her name, designation, passport number and purpose & duration of visit in brief. The letter should be duly signed by the applicant and addressed to-The Visa Officer, Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Chennai,

6. A letter from the Central Tableague Markus from both countries,

7. Letter from Ministry of Home Affairs/Religious Affairs Bangladesh (Mandatory),

8. Hotel Booking Copy/If visitor(s) reside in the Bangladeshi national’s residence must submit a request letter along with a copy of ID proof of the concerned person,

9. Bank Certificate/Statement,

10. Flight Particulars,

11. Copy of Adhaar/PAN card,

12. Utility Bill Copy (Electricity/Gas),

13. Mission reserves the right to ask for additional documents not mentioned above if required,

14. Visa fee: Visa fee is not applicable for Indian Nationals. For Nationals from Other Countries please visit the Visa Fees page.