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New E-Passport

The following documents are required while applying for new E-Passport for Bangladeshi citizens:

1. Printed copy of duly filled in application form with barcode (Apply online on https://www.epassport.gov.bd/ link),

2. Appointment slip generated after online application with barcode (Use adobe acrobat reader),

3. Original National Identity (NID) Card/17-digit Online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) with one photocopy,

4. Original Machine-Readable Passport (MRP), if any, with one photocopy,

5. 02(two) recent passport-size photos in white background (35*45 mm),

6. Government officials of Bangladesh should submit Government Order/No objection Certificate/Testimonial/Post Retirement Leave Order/Pension Order which should be uploaded in the issuing authority’s own website,

7. For students, original copy of the students Identity Card issued by the Educational Institution with one Photocopy,

8. Original copy of Marriage Certificate/Divorce Letter (verifiable),

9. Valid Visa/Work Permit as a proof of legitimately staying in India,

10. Dual Nationality Certificate if the applicant is a dual citizen,

11. Fees: For passport fees please visit the Passport Fees page.