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Visa On Arrival

Bangladesh government has resumed Visa on Arrival in Bangladesh a foreign national visit Bangladesh for government work, tourism, Business, and Investment if the person is from the following country group:

UK and Any country from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey, And Brunei.

Criteria for Visa on Arrival

1. Visa on arrival is for maximum 30 days,

2. Visa on Arrival is applicable for the national of a country/a person travelling from a country where there is no Bangladeshi Embassy/High Commission/Consulate,

3. Foreign nationals of Bangladesh origin and their husband/wife/children,

4. Foreign nationals holding diplomatic or official passports; Officials of UN Organizations,

5. On arrival visa is subject to the approval/satisfaction of the immigration authority based on the relevant and satisfactory documents presented to the immigration.


Requirements for Visa on Arrival

1. In case of Visa on arrival for business: A letter of Introduction from the company the businessperson is working and a letter of invitation from the interested company in Bangladesh will be required. In this case, interested/inviting organization in Bangladesh must inform the immigration authority in advance about the arrival of the foreign visitor(s),

2. For a Bangladeshi Origin: Bangladeshi Origin foreign passport holder must show proof of their origin. In that case previous Bangladeshi passport/ No visa/Birth Certificate may be asked on arrival. A Foreign Birth Certificate with parents passport/NVR may be required for the children of a Bangladeshi. Marriage certificate with Spouses Passport/NVR may be required for spouse of a Bangladeshi,

3. Visitor must have necessary documents to justify his/her visit (In case of Tourism: Hotel booking, return flight ticket, inviting persons details etc will be required,

4. Visa fee is 50 Dollar. Visa fees are to be paid in foreign currency in cash,

5. Visitor must possess minimum US$ 500.00 or its equivalent amount of foreign currency in cash or credit card,

6. Visitor must have return ticket,

7. Visa on Arrival in Bangladesh is not applicable for Indian Nationals.